Malaysia Innovation Association MyTRIZ, is an active Association focused on improving the technology development using TRIZ Inventive thinking methodology. The MyTRIZ competition is an open challenge for College students and faculty in ASEAN and beyond. This year it was extended to professionals too. Total 9 finalists are selected and the finals is scheduled on 24th November.

Being an international competition, the judges are also known internationally… namely: Dr. Sergei Ikovenko, TRIZ Master and MATRIZ President based in Boston, USA; Mr. TS Yeoh, a TRIZ level 3 Specialist based in Penang, Malaysia; Mr. Tanasak Phenughua, a TRIZ level 4 specialist based in Bangkok, Thailand and Mr. Tito Kishan, a level 3 specialist based in Bangalore, India.

Another highlight associated with the competition is a one day workshop on “Competitive Patent Circumvention and other Patent Strategies” by Dr. Sergei Ikovenko. I strongly recommend those based in Malaysia to join this 1 day workshop at Cyberjaya and join the competition to know how TRIZ methodology helps in inventive thinking. Get out of your comfort zone and reach out to Eng Hoo Tan at link:

MyTRIZ, Way to Go!!!  You are sure an inspiration for me… in my mission to contribute professionally towards accelerating inventive society development in India.