Innovator Beginner Workshop

Innovate at a component level

For a rocket to take off, the thrust should exceed Earth’s gravitational pull. Similarly, the 1st step for an engineer / scientist to evolve as a smart inventor is to understand psychological inertia and learn methods to overcome.

The methodology that we adopt is evolved 70 years back by decoding the smart moves of the most famous innovators across the world and summarized a structured method of problem solving.

Why TRIZ level 1 learning is required?

  1. The primary necessity of level 1 learning is to understand the language of innovation. Can you decode a given system and define blueprint for its innovation?
  2. Inventions happen as problems are solved. It is very important to understand how to identify the real problems that needs to be solved. Do you have a clear list of problems that needs to be solved with conflicts?
  3. In science and engineering, concept development is the key. Do you want to play innovation as sport?
  4. How many unique ways you can model a problem to develop novel solutions?
  5. Biggest challenge to develop creative solutions is psychological inertia. Unless one overcomes, it is impossible to generate creative ideas?

What would you learn in TRIZ level 1?

1. Language of innovation and define blueprint for your product.

2. Identify key problems that needs solutions.

3. Develop concepts like a Pro.

4. Model problems in 3 unique ways.

5. Overcome psychological inertia in 40 unique ways and develop powerful solutions / ideas that can be taken forward towards solutions. Identify secondary problems and solve them for pratical application.

How you can leverage this learning to your growth

1. Solve problems along RISIR® and differentiate products in 5 unique ways.

2. Adopt right innovation strategies and develop win-win solutions.


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9 Windows

Seasoned inventors don’t see an object as an object. Rather they see them in continuum of TIME and SPACE. Using this framework, one can clearly define the next evolution of their product / process and able to define the PUSH and PULL strategies.

40 Inventive Principles

Altshuller when he decoded 20,000+ patents along with his students, he identified that all the solutions were broken down to 40 fundamental solutions spread across various industries. In other words, if one gets understanding of the 40 inventive principles, he/she would solve any problem with potential novelty.

Concept development

Often concept development is seen as a challenging task and seldom do we see quite unique concepts being developed. In this disruptive world, the need to develop multiple competing concepts enables the ability to develop potential solutions. This can be used even to address customer empathy or UX like problems.

Technical Contradictions

Contradictions are the fundamental limitations that stop any system’s growth when not addressed with win-win solutions. In most cases these are defined at the system level and hence we call them SYSTEM level Contradictions. An example: If the mobile screen size is increased Then it leads to be a better visual experience BUT increases the size of the mobile phone. The conflict at the system level is between the visual experience and size

Physical Contradictions

The highest order of contradiction formulation happens at a parameter / attribute level. In other words, these are some of the most complex problems that one would face and by addressing them will lead to a new powerful solution(s). An example: The screen size of mobile should be high, and the screen size of the mobile should be small

Adoption solutions

Most powerful solutions are often derived by adopting solutions from totally different industries than yours. An excellent example of recent Indian automobile industry is the development of BSVI compliant emission norms. The Selective Catalytic Reactor from the Power Generation industry has led to give the ability to reduce the NOx levels.

Mental models


Ideality is a concept of thinking, where all the benefits that are required are made available with no penalties of Cost / Environmental harm and it doesn’t occupy any space for a given product / process. This is a very powerful concept of thinking, and it helps in defining the strong dimensionality of numerator and denominator thinking, which is used in innovation strategies.

Benefit vs. Penality

One of the strongest mental models is to relate with every action of yours taken to get a benefit and that action alone leads to the penalty. When we bring a clear focus on this mental model, it defines the greatest opportunity to come up with win-win solutions. The innovation or inventive solutions are those that leads from penalty to no-penalty

identify oxymoron contradictions

Most often what people think is impossible often have an oxymoron problem to be solved. For building strong inventions, it is important to have these types of problems identified at the organization level at various levels to develop very disruptive solutions. Since these are often at a parameter (ex: temperature, pressure, size, etc.,) they are at the fundamental level of contradictions.


Every product does a set of functions and hence we say that the language of innovation is Functionality. Critical mental model is to look at functionality as the primary basis for innovation. Whenever cross discipline teams meet on a product innovation, the first starting point to innovate should start with functionality as the basis.

Space & time domains

The 2 critical dimensions for humans are time and space. the inventions and innovations are essentially developed to help humans and the ecosystem; hence they are also guided very critically by the domains of time and space. A critical mental is to look at every device or solution in the context of how it evolved in time and how it evolved in space.


Question status-quo

The first step for innovation is to question the status quo. For those who attended the TRIZ level 1 workshop with their understanding of functionality and Ideality, questioning the status quo becomes a new normal

Play Concept development as a Sport

The rules of trimming gives a very strong basis to develop concepts those who experience TRIZ level one, the game to develop concepts based on the context of the problem happens quite naturally and often see multiple competing concepts on the table for solving

Develop Win-Win solutions

Traditional way of developing solutions has been win-lose (with many compromises). The fundamental theme of TRIZ, theory of solving inventory problems is to develop win-win solutions. With the problem-solving methods of technical contradictions and physical contradictions people develop solutions where the penalties are addressed my maximising benefits

Develop beyond CORE solutions

In this disruptive evolution of technology where the new normal is to develop solutions beyond the core not everyone has the capability to hire people from different domains. Rather, if you empower your teams with TRIZ tools for example function oriented search and scientific effect database as part of level 1, one can easily come with solutions beyond their core and address cross disciplinary / multidisciplinary problems with existing knowledge.

Define right innovation strategy along RISIR®

TRIZ level 1 learning enables multiple innovation strategies like incremental, radical and disruptive for a given product. Using RISIR® framework, one can able to differentiate a product in 5 unique ways like: Reduce COST, Increase PERFORMANCE, SIMPLIFY, Increase RELIABILITY/SAFETY and Reduce Environmental HARM


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