SILP (Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program for Professionals) Virtual '22

Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program has 6 KEY Transformative learnings with WORLD CLASS certifications from MATRIZ, DFP-Institute and from Tufts & MIT (Non-credit)

Product Innovator Beginner, TRIZ L1 + DFP-1 Catch-up

1st Step: Innovate at a component level

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L1

2. DFP-1 catch-up post TRIZ L1

3. TRIZ L1 + DFP-1 catch-up

Product Innovator Advanced, TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 Catch-up

2nd Step: Innovate at Process (sub-system) level

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L2 post TRIZ L1

2. DFP-2 catch-up post TRIZ L2 and DFP-1 catch-up

3. TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 catch-up


Product Innovator Expert, TRIZ L3 + Change Leadership

3rd Step: Innovate at System level for disruptive solutions

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L3 post TRIZ L2+L1

2. Change Leadership 

3. TRIZ L3 post TRIZ L2 + L1  + Change Leadership

Engagement 3: Key learnings from TRIZ L3 and Change Leadership

About TRIZ L3

Theory of Solving Inventive Problems (TRIZ) is a powerful innovation methodology that is based on the “smart moves” of the best innovators around the world and all put together in one place explored from the patent databases. It employees an efficient suite of tools and methods to develop or improvise new Products / Process as winning next-generation solutions. We at Proinn® in association with TRIZTITM (India’s regional MATRIZ Association) blend this leaning along RISIR® to bring differentiated solutions in 5 unique ways, Reduce Cost, Improve Value, Simplify, Improve Reliability/Performance & Reduce Environmental impact. This learning is proven to bring new solutions that are novel and potential ways to generate Patentable subject matter.

Major TRIZ L3 Learnings

TRIZ Level 3 Certification enables participants to master the TRIZ tools to develop solutions for products along RISIR® by performing innovative projects.     

Major TRIZ L3 learnings:

– Understand to define growth vectors by understanding the Main Parameters of Value and S-Curve analysis

– Solve most complex problems using the 5th unique way, ARIZ

– Learn how to define the next evolutions of your solution (Product / Process) using the Trends of Engineering System Evolution

– Develop disruptive innovation strategies, a need in this disruptive world

– How to run innovative engineering projects at system level, resulting in new architecture of the solutions.

Major Practicing skills the students will get during TRIZ L3

– Predict the next evolutions of solutions with greater accuracy and impact

– Develop disruptive innovation strategies along RISIR®

– Learn to solve problems with minimal changes using ARIZ

– Develop innovation strategies that is apt for your organization and addressing the critical needs

– How to select right tool for right outcome along RISIR®

Major credentials the students will get

The students will take an Official Certification Test and an International certification from MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) that is recognised globally.

In India we have about 50 people who has completed this level of learning.

More about TRIZ L3

About Change Leadership

Accelerating change is a key attribute of any leadership. In the last few decades, some of the best fortune 500 companies perish for the fact that they didn’t embrace change in the right time and in a right way. For someone to grow in the leadership of innovation, a critical skill is “leadership without Authority” and this only when blended with TRIZ / Structured Jugaad® and  DFP® can bring a holistic capabilities to lead innovation for any corporation of size. Change Leadership learning is proven to bring a paradigm shift in mindsets and enables transformation for individuals and for organizations, big and small.

Major Change Leadership Learnings

Change Leadership is devised using the Iccha Jnana Kriya Sakthi® framework developed to bring fundamental transformations in mindsets and enables participants to grow their leadership by leading without authority.     

Major Change Leadership learnings:

– Learn compelling ways question the status-quo

– Learn ways to build shared needs

– Learn ways to mobilize commitments  

– learn ways to groom right behavious and means to connect with the organization during the transformation

– grow the change with systems that support the sustenance of the change

Major Practicing skills the students will get during Change Leadership

– use right tools to make the problem apparent with a compelling purpose

– define the best entitlement for the change / organization

– Learn ways to identify and address resistance that decelerates the change  

– methods to empower people to go beyond their limiting mindsets

– Methodology to bring innovation cultural change across corporations.

Major credentials the students will get

The students will get a certification from Sri. Titokishan who has been pioneering organizational transformations towards building innovation culture across the best corporations in India since 2006.

More about Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Develop differentiated solutions with world class faculty 

Dr. Sergei Ikovenko, TRIZ Master, President DFP-Institute and Chairman CEM, MATRIZ

Dr. Ikovenko has taught 75% of the world’s TRIZ level 3. He is chairman of CEM, MATRIZ, Adjunct Professor at MIT and Tufts.

Sri. TitoKishan, CEO, Proinn® & Chairman, TRIZTI (India's regional MATRIZ Association)

Sri. Kishan certified 50+% of TRIZ level 1 in India with MATRIZ certification. He is on a mission to groom 1 Million Innovators.

Why Mentoring?

In our pursuit to groom innovators, and to develop differentiated Products / Processes, it is critical to apply the learnt methodology on real-world problems.

Based on our last 7 years of experience working with diverse clients (Large/small corporations, MSME, Start-ups) and across various industries, we facilitate your teams to use the tools in an effective manner guiding the process and to develop optential novel and practical solutions to the workshop problems.

A quick quide of mentoring is given for each learning for its practical application and to develop differentiated solutions.

Products can be physical / Digital.

Process can be Manufacturing or Software or Operations.

Mentoring guide of Engagement

TRIZ level 1 – 16 hours

Product Patents – 8-16 hours

TRIZ level 2 – 24 hours

Process Patents – 8-16 hours

TRIZ level 3 – 40 hours

Accelerate change – 8-16 hours

Workshop Timings:

India :  4.00 PM – 8.00 PM

UAE : 2.30 PM – 6.30 PM

Germany : 12.00 PM – 4.00 PM

USA : 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM

How to get the best of this learning?

Come as a team of 4-5 people with tough problem to solve. 

sign-up for mentoring sessions. with out 15 years of driving TRIZ projects, it takes 16 hours to solve any tough problem.

We sign two-way Non-Disclosure Agreement as required.

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