SILP (Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program for Professionals) Virtual '22

Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program has 6 KEY Transformative learnings with WORLD CLASS certifications from MATRIZ, DFP-Institute and from Tufts & MIT (Non-credit)

Product Innovator Beginner, TRIZ L1 + DFP-1 Catch-up

1st Step: Innovate at a component level

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L1

2. DFP-1 catch-up post TRIZ L1

3. TRIZ L1 + DFP-1 catch-up

Product Innovator Advanced, TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 Catch-up

2nd Step: Innovate at Process (sub-system) level

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L2 post TRIZ L1

2. DFP-2 catch-up post TRIZ L2 and DFP-1 catch-up

3. TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 catch-up


Product Innovator Expert, TRIZ L3 + Change Leadership

3rd Step: Innovate at System level for disruptive solutions

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L3 post TRIZ L2+L1

2. Change Leadership 

3. TRIZ L3 post TRIZ L2 + L1  + Change Leadership

About Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program

Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program:

What is unique with this program offered by Proinn® in collaboration with DFP-Institute and TRIZTITM (India’s regional MATRIZ Organization) is how to:

  • Create the future in this disruptive world – Lead your organization to be an innovation leader in your industry by developing novel solutions with strong Intellectual Property (Patents, Trade secrets)

  • If you are a leader in your industry, adopt our proven Innovation & Patent strategies for Products / Processes to sustain your leadership.

  • Develop differentiated solutions along RISIR® (5 unique ways) at Indian price point and make them export ready.

  • Nurture critical skills to be successful in this disruptive world (inventive thinking, influencing without authority, patent strengthening and circumvention) that can make you grow as a contemporary Innovation / IP leader.  

    By Dec. 2022:

    If you are from a start-up: you can pitch to the next level: Seed funding, Angel investors, Series A, Series B based on where you start in April with us.

    If you are from corporation/MSME: you can develop the next differentiated solutions for your company.

    This program is to groom innovators at various levels till Innovation & IP leaders with skills to define future, develop strategic innovation roadmap, innovate, change leadership and build strong patent portfolios in the process.

    Growth comes through collaboration. Get your collaborating teams, your fellow colleagues to build a critical mass and collectively grow!

    Uniqueness of SILP:

    Though graduation from MATRIZ Certification programs is quite an achievement, especially from Level 2 and Level 3, it is not usually readily recognized as something equal to accomplishments in academia. It may limit business and hiring opportunities of MATRIZ certified practitioners and professionals.

    Our Level 2 and 3 certification programs have passed a very rigorous expertise of some best world universities. It was necessary to introduce additional topics on top of the body of knowledge required by MATRIZ.  As the result of these efforts ours are the only MATRIZ Certification programs that offer equivalency non-credit certificates from Tufts University (Level 2 program) and MIT (Level 3 program) that state the conformity of the programs with corresponding university courses (in addition to MATRIZ certification credentials, of course). It became possible without extending the training because of online format, expanded homework’s and independent learning of some materials and books.

    Unless a learning is not applied, it doesn’t bear any fruits. With our proven experience of enabling practical novel solutions through our mentoring sessions, we groom innovation practitioners for each level of learning that one can sign-up.

    It is not mandatory to attend all the engagements in 1 go. One can choose to attend any workshop or the entire program. For example those who have completed TRIZ L1, they can start their journey with DFP-1 and further up.  But for TRIZ L2, you need to complete TRIZ L1.

    For more details, refer the above ima


    SILP Virtual 2022 details:

    Step 1: Product Innovator Beginner, TRIZ L1 + DFP-1 catch-up
    Workshop dates

    check out under workshops page

    Learning hours

    TRIZ L1 – 32 hours Online LIVE

    DFP-1 Catch-up – 16 hours Online LIVE

    TRIZ L1 Workshop
    DFP-1 Catch-up Workshop
    Step 2: Product Innovator Advanced, TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 catch-up
    Workshop dates

    Check under the workshops page

    Learning hours

    TRIZ L2: 40 hours Online LIVE learning

    DFP-2 catch-up: 16 hours Online LIVE learning

    TRIZ L2 Workshop
    DFP-2 Catch-up Workshop
    Step 3: Product Innovator Expert + Change Leadership
    Workshop dates

    Check out under workshops page

    Learning hours

    TRIZ L3: 80 hours Online LIVE Learning

    Change Leadership: 16 hours Online LIVE Learning

    TRIZ L3 Workshop
    Change Leadership

    Develop differentiated solutions with world class faculty 

    Dr. Sergei Ikovenko, TRIZ Master, President DFP-Institute and Chairman CEM, MATRIZ

    Dr. Ikovenko has taught 75% of the world’s TRIZ level 3. He is chairman of CEM, MATRIZ, Adjunct Professor at MIT and Tufts.

    Sri. TitoKishan, CEO, Proinn® & Chairman, TRIZTI (India's regional MATRIZ Association)

    Sri. Kishan certified 50+% of TRIZ level 1 in India with MATRIZ certification. He is on a mission to groom 1 Million Innovators.

    Why Mentoring?

    In our pursuit to groom innovators, and to develop differentiated Products / Processes, it is critical to apply the learnt methodology on real-world problems.

    Based on our last 7 years of experience working with diverse clients (Large/small corporations, MSME, Start-ups) and across various industries, we facilitate your teams to use the tools in an effective manner guiding the process and to develop potential novel and practical solutions to the workshop problems.

    A quick quide of mentoring hours is given against each learning for a practical application and to develop differentiated solutions.

    Products can be physical / Digital.

    Process can be Manufacturing or Software or Services or Operations.

    Mentoring guide of Engagement

    TRIZ level 1 – 16 hours

    Product Patents – 8-16 hours

    TRIZ level 2 – 24 hours

    Process Patents – 8-16 hours

    TRIZ level 3 – 40 hours

    Accelerate change – 8-16 hours

    Workshop Timings:

    India :  4.00 PM – 8.00 PM

    UAE : 2.30 PM – 6.30 PM

    Germany : 12.00 PM – 4.00 PM

    USA : 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM

    How to get the best of this learning?

    Come as a team of people with 1 tough problem to solve. You can join more in teams of 5 with one problem.

    sign-up for mentoring sessions. with our 15 years of experience in driving TRIZ projects, it takes  “hours” of our engagement to solve any tough problem.


    We sign two-way Non-Disclosure Agreement as required.

    To sign-up or for further details, write to

    or call: +91 895 135 9774









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