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Empowering Companies (small/big) / Start-ups to define their innovation canvas with our mastery in innovation methods and practical application! 

PROINN® – Product Innovation | Process Innovation | Professional Innovators | Pro Innovate

and with time, a Professional’s Inn.

Proinn Consultancy® (branded as PROINN®) is the only Indian brand to lead knowledge services of imparting inventive thinking in Indian market using TRIZ, DFP®, LEAN, DFSS & SIXSIGMA  with certifications from MATRIZ, DFP-INSTITUE & TRIZTI®. We bring innovation PREDICTABILITY  with inventions in “Physical Devices,”, “Manufacturing”, “Software/Digital”,  “Operational Excellence” or “Building a culture of Innovation through organizational change initiatives” with tangible results in agreed timelines that clients want.

Founded by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri, International Innovation Strategist, India’s TRIZ Expert and organization innovation transformation Coach with a proven track record of facilitating:

  • 1000+ inventions over the last 17 years 
  • $Millions of savings to clients
  • Strong patent portfolios  
  • Hundreds of inventors
  • Led a transfomation on innovation at World’s largest power generation OEM at their India engineering operations.
  • As an operational excellence coach to a low cost Airlines based in ASEAN and its’ affiliates, established and delivered an operational excellence program that resulted in multiple millions of USD savings
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Since Jan. ’15, inception of Proinn®, there have been many success stories through workshops and mentoring like (Hundreds of inventors groomed, hundreds of patents filed, Multiple USD million savings in product & Manufacturing cost) to the client’s that range from business verticals like:

1. EV & ICE (Trucks, Cars, Farm equipments, 3 wheelers & 2 Wheelers)

2. Aviation

3. Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream)

4. Material (Glass, Gypsum, Steel, Plastics, machine tools, etc.,)

5. Healthcare devices

6. Power Generation & Transmission 

7. Telecommunications & Electronics

8. Software & Digital

Why Work With US?

Having over 2 decades of corproate leadership, and 10 years of working with clients in enabling success beyond normal, we understand ways to define innovation & IP Strategy that enables significant wins for our clients.

we believe our purpose is to make the client win and move them towards their aspirations of growth driven by innovations led by inventions.

We have a proven mastery on the methods that we adopt (TRIZ, DFP, Change management, DFSS, Six-sigma and Lean) over the last 20 years.

Our credentails are resonated by our clients testimonials coming from the best of Indian and MNC clients and from the TRIZ community, MATRIZ (the International TRIZ Association).

What We Can Do For Your Business

Innovation & IP Advisory & Strategy

Sustainable differentiated solutions

Groom world's best internal innovation specialists

Differentiated solutions along RISIR®


Faster New product Development

Organization Innovation transformation

Faster New technology Development

Innovation in Digital solutions

How We Do

We teach and adopt the structured innovation methods of TRIZ (a Russian acronym) stands for ‘Theory of Solving Inventive Problem’ developed by Genrich Altshuller that helps to:

      Simplify Solutions

      A key concept in TRIZ is to trim components by redistributing functions. Higher simplification defines novelty, increases reliability and lowers cost

        Accelerate market leadership by differentiating your product

        Identifying conflicting requirements helps to define inventive problems. Enables novel solutions that can be patented

          Enhance technology leadership leading to new product offerings.

          Patterns of engineering system evolution are repeated across industries. Empowers to predict nonlinear technology development

            Reduce ideas to product ratio

            The structured approach across the organization helps in channeling resources.  More product offerings in a shorter time.

            Facilitate WoW idea generation

            Focus is on engineering system understanding and development. Enhances the quality of ideation from random to structured.


            Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri


            Corporate leadership expertise in the fundamentals of engineering and technology, as well as strong IP development, operational excellence, and technical innovation

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            Our Story

            PROINN® started its journey in 2015 with a clear intent to contribute to invention driven innovations in the Indian Industry. Problem solving leads to innovation. It’s insane to expect a different result by doing the same action, similarly, it is insane to think of a novel solution by modeling the problem in the same way. The crux of accelerating innovations is limited by the  problems one would define.

            To invent one has to have a clear subject matter expertize. But, that itself is not sufficient, else we would have the academic institutions filling lakhs of patents. The other aspect is the methods to invent. 

            Having built a strong mastery in the structured innovation methods of TRIZ over the last 2 decades, we model problems in more that 5 unique ways and thus believe any problem can be solved with novelty.

            Innovation happens when two things happen as a pair. The intent to invent (mindset to be an inventor) and the conditions of questioning status-quo and knowledge to solve problems with win-win solutions.

            Founded by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri, a TRIZ Champion (2022) recognized by MATRIZ board is a visionary with over 2 decades of senior corporate leadership at GE in India and Malaysia and with Tata’s. 

            Corporate Testimonials

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            Recognitions from MATRIZ

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            What inspires us to do what we do?

            We are a proponent of thriving innovation eco-system where invention driven innovations become the new normal across the various strata across India:  Corporations, Start-ups, Government labs, MSME’s and Academia