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By India’s best known TRIZ Coach and Innovation Strategist!

Immerse yourself with 12 days of experiential learning and 4 days of hands on application!


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Rediscover your full potential and GROW YOUR CAREER through transformative experiential learning and its application.


PROINN® Expert

Proinn® Expert gives the ultimate edge of developing disruptive solutions at system level. Advanced program consolidate the ability to “innovate on demand” both on product and process. As you have noticed Proinn® Beginner focus on product innovation, Proinn® Advanced focus on Process Innovation. The final step of learning to be an innovation or an IP leader is to learn the system disruptive innovations offered by TRIZ level 3 and the ability to develop strong IP with DFP Level 3 catch-up. With this learning one can develop disruptive solutions in a product (physical or digital) and in a process (Manufacturing / software / Services).

The most powerful method of TRIZ based problem solving is named as ARIZ “Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving”. TRIZ level 3 gives the power to solve any complex problem with using the existing resources available. Hence, we call ARIZ as Structured Jugaad®. In Proinn® Expert we bring the fundamental ability of develop disruptive solutions at system level.

TRIZ level 3 gives the ability to predict the next evolution of system using Trends of Engineering System and apply right innovation strategies based on S curve Analysis. It also teaches how one can expand their solution from their domain to other domains that are totally different. With our “The Accelerated Innovator Program”, THE_AIPTM, a group mentoring session and in about 2 months, you can apply all these learning on real situations. This completes the main power for someone to grow as an IP / Innovation Leader.

Are you investing on YOU to grow your career growth as a successful professional?

The highest level of learning that we offer for someone to grow as an Innovation / IP leader end with Proinn® Expert.

India as a country needs thousands of Innovation & IP Leaders who can clearly define right innovation strategy for their businesses. We have Senior leaders from some of the best OEM’s in India participating these workshops. To put things in right perspective, we at Proinn® have been training the leadership of the best companies that you buy products from in India. It is right time for those who aspire to be an Innovation / IP Leader, you get your learning jump started and grow their career.

For best results to grow as an Innovation & IP leader, one needs to be 10 years of experience so that one can bring an impactful contribution to your career with the journey of learning from Proinn® Beginner to Advanced to Expert.

(Empower Your Professional Journey with PROINN®: The Strategic Innovators / IP Leadership Program”

Dr. Saravanan N

I attended the workshops conducted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri and his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. Based on the learning from the workshops and TRIZ methodologies, I am able to develop multiple inventions and believe that the structured Innovation learning imparted by him “Empowers everyone to Invent”.

Principal Engineer,

Mahindra & Mahindra 

Patent 16 Grant & 60 Filed Patents. Recognized as a Prolific Inventor by Mahindra & Mahindra  

TRIZ level 3 Certified

Groom to be a Professional Innovator EXPERT, PROINN® EXPERT





  • 10 day workshop scheduled in 2 sessions each of 5 days with a break of 6 weeks. 1st session is through in person workshop and 2nd session is through virtual. Learn all the methods to grow as a PRO in problem solving and coming with novel solutions at system level.
  • Your training material, TRIZ level 3
  • TRIZ Assignments
  • One pre-event fast track session that you can maximize from the TRIZ level 1 learning.
  • 4 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*



DFP LEVEL 3 catch-up
  • 2 days in person workshop to learn everything on how to strengthen and circumvent system patents with DFP level 3 catch-up.
  • Your training materials for DFP level 3 catch-up
  • DFP level 3 catch-up Assignments
  • 2 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*



  • 4 days (32 hours) of group mentoring on all the concepts of TRIZ level 3 and DFP L3 spread over 8 weeks (4 hours during weekend) on a specific problem. we call this as The-AIPTM, The-Accelerated Innovators Program.
  • One additional pre-event fast track session to maximize from The-AIPTM
  • You become an innovation Expert practitioner!
  • 1 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*

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PROINN® Expert


    Frequently Asked

    + Who is the certifying authority for these workshops? TRIZ level 1 and DFP level 1 catch-up?

    TRIZ level 1: MATRIZ, The International TRIZ Association

    DFP Level 1 catch-up: DFP-Institute

    + Once I get the certificate do I need to renew my certificate just like ‘value engineer’?

    No. these certifications from MATRIZ and DFP-Institute are valid for the lifetime.

    + Can I invent in software?

    Yes. There are hundreds of software professionals who have undergone TRIZ level 1 workshop and have come many win-win solutions with inventions that their business was looking for. Since software does a set of functions, we empower the engineers to come with new means of accomplishing the functions in software. Check out this link on TRIZ in software.

    + Why should I invest on this learning?

    In India, still majority of the professionals believe that their company has to be take care of their learning needs. To be successful as a leader in 21st century, one has to master two skills: inventive thinking (ability to solve conflicts with win-win solutions), leadership (driving change and influencing people without authority). This is not for those who don’t want to go the extra mile and comfortable to live in mediocrity. For those who want to grow their career much faster with predictability, it is very important that in the present world companies would like to hire people who are problem solvers with novelty.

    + Why now?

    India is the only country where the growth is bound to happen over the next 15 years. In any industry that we look at: Mobility, Semi-conductors, Software, etc., the most happening place for growth in India. In this context the opportunity to grow is very high NOW! Take the uncomfortable action and read through the testimonials of what people benefitted from these workshops and grow fast to take a high plateau of leadership. Proinn® has devised these programs to encourage the Indian professionals to take charge of their learning if they want to grow fast and reach high plateau of leadership, either entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.

    + Are there any success stories that people benefitted from these learnings?

    Yes, please visit this link: to see the corporate leadership testimonials and individual testimonials. Those who provided the individual testimonials has grown in their companies and few of them are recognized as PROLIFIC-INVENTORS by their companies.

    + Why should I learn from Proinn®?

    Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri is the only Indian who has an accreditation from MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) bearing an accreditation license number #063/02-2024/1. Along with his mentor Dr. Sergei Ikovenko he has been leading TRIZ deployment in India since 2015. To know more about him,

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