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Immerse yourself with 7 days (5 + 2) of experiential learning and 4 days of hands on application spread over 8 weeks!

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PROINN® Advanced

Proinn® Advanced builds the inventor capability to the next level.  As you have noticed Proinn® Beginner focus on product innovation. The first step in the journey of an innovation or an IP leader is to have their hands dirty of how to invent and innovate in a product / a device either physical or digital.

A process enables development of a product. This can be in manufacturing an algorithm or a service. In Proinn® Advanced we bring the fundamental ability of how to disrupt a manufacturing process or an algorithm or it could be a service leading to process innovation.

It is very widely known the lean methods bring significant impact in manufacturing, These methods are transferred to Software as agile software development, but these are all process improvements but not process innovations. We empower you to innovate in a process, increase huge value creation and how to solve problems as a PRO using Substance field analysis.

Are you investing on YOU to grow your career growth as a successful professional?

(Empower Your Professional Journey with PROINN® by enrolling into “The Strategic Innovators / IP Leadership Program”

Experience the power of inventive thinking and unlock your potential to develop differentiated solutions in product and process. The golden opportunity for India is to grow as a manufacturing hub for the world. This needs new thinking and the ability to question the status-quo becomes a paramount need. Unless one come with win-win solutions in a time bound manner, one can’t bring disruption. The opportunity to grow is just phenomenal for the professionals in India. This can happen only by learning new thinking – “inventive thinking” and by solving problems.

Many of the professionals who attended my workshops and mentoring sessions are groomed as prolific inventors and grew their career much faster than the rest of their peers. If you are an individual who want to grow as an Innovation / IP leader, or an innovation practitioner or an Innovation Professor at colleges, you should sign-up our The-AIP TM (The Accelerated Innovator Program) group mentoring program, where I take the teams on how to use these methods and solve problems as a PRO. For corporate teams, we do separate mentoring sessions and start grooming right from problem definition to problem solving.

For those who sign-up either the Silver or Gold options, you will learn DFP level 2 catch-up and you will harness the power to strengthen your inventions and circumvent patents if required. Take the uncomfortable action and write to us on what you want to grow in innovation and we will take you there in a specific time out manner.

Ram Sitaraman

I had the good fortune of learning TRIZ under Tito and Dr Sergei and it was an amazing experience. It forever changed the way I looked at innovation and how to go about creating IP. Both the TRIZ courses and the Design For Patentability (DFP) course are invaluable to folks in product development, engineering and research. It allows you to break down the problem into its functional essence and then figure out alternative solutions which not only help you bypass existing IP but also end up creating your own new IP. The structured approach and readily available tools and process makes this activity easy and interesting. Tito and Dr Sergei are excellent teachers and take you through this journey with clear examples and case studies. i would happily recommend this course to folks who work in areas requiring constant innovation and IP.

IP Head, Tata Technologies

TRIZ level 2 Certified.

Krishna Rao

I have had fortune of learning TRIZ under the guidance of Mr. Kishan and Dr. Sergei and getting certified for L1 and L2. Both, Mr. Kishan and Dr. Sergei, have tremendous years of experience in delivering excellent TRIZ training to people across various levels in different organizations across the globe. They have experience in solving complex industrial problems using TRIZ methodology across industries and this is a standing testimony that this innovation methodology is sector agnostic and hence people across industries and sector can implement and reap the benefits of TRIZ. Each of their sessions are thought provoking, makes you shed the inhibitions that you have about innovation, and also gives confidence that anyone can innovate by following the principles enshrined in TIRZ.

As a patent professional handling IP portfolio in a large organization, the knowledge of TRIZ helped me to look for alternative approaches to a given problem. The freedom to take a problem out of its domain and then use techniques of TRIZ to arrive at solutions gave me the opportunity to look at the problem-solution approach through a completely different perspective. This enabled me to shift to a proactive solution provider to my clients, and changed the way I look at the IP lifecycle of a company. I can now visualize and be part of product development lifecycle and provide guidance to my clients at different points using appropriate TRIZ methodologies with the added benefit of having a couple of patent applications in my name.

TRIZ changes the entire thought process of how you approach problem both in professional and personal life, and for me this is the biggest takeaway.

Wishing Mr. Kishan and team best wishes in everything.

Manager-Intellectual Property at Schaeffler Group

TRIZ level 2 Certified.

Mihir Soundalgekar

My team & I have attended multiple levels of Product Innovation Workshops conducted by Shri. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm Proinn Consultancy®.

We have experienced the structure that guides us on the path of product Development, where Technology Development is not a miracle but a systematic result.

We have experienced ways to develop new inventions & make them applied on actual product development. My team developed new inventions that are in pipeline under his mentoring & coaching. I strongly believe that this learning “empowers everyone to invent®”

Director at Marathwada Autocompo Pvt. Ltd.

TRIZ level 2 Certified.

Groom to be a Professional Innovator ADVANCED, PROINN® ADVANCED



PROINN® Advanced Bronze




  • 5 days in person workshop to learn everything on how to invent in Process, develop hybrid products and solve problems like a PRO with TRIZ level 2 workshop.
  • Your training material TRIZ LEVEL 2
  • Assignments
  • One pre-event fast track session that you can maximize from the TRIZ level 2 learning & DFP L2 catch-up
  • 3 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*

PROINN® Advanced Silver


DFP LEVEL 2 catch-up
  • 2 days in person workshop to learn everything on how to strengthen and circumvent product patents with DFP level 1 catch-up.
  • Your training materials for DFP level 1 catch-up
  • DFP Assignments
  • One additional pre-event fast track session.
  • 2 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*

PROINN® Advanced Gold


    • 4 days (32 hours) of group mentoring on all the concepts of TRIZ level 2 and DFP L2 catch-up spread over 8 weeks (4 hours during weekend) on a generic problem. We call this as The-AIPTM, The-Accelerated Innovator Program.
    • One pre-event fast track session that you can maximize from The-AIPTM
    • 1 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*

Ishant Jain

I attended the product innovation workshops conducted by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. I could develop multiple inventive solutions and filed multiple patent application(s). I believe that the structured innovation learning imparted by him, “Empowers everyone to Invent®”.

Mr. Ishant has filed over 40+ patent applications with many grants.

TRIZ level 2 certified.

Prasanna Bhagwan

TitoKishan’s teaching and vision is simply amazing, a vision of creating 5000 real innovators, conducting TRIZ conference (Bharat TRIZutsav®) every year and conducting numerous workshops across the country relentlessly. I have done my TRIZ certification under him. I have waited for 7 years to get a good TRIZ trainer, after meeting so many people, I finally can say I had the best TRIZ teacher ever. He individually motivates each learner and makes the learning process effective and seamless. Looking for more awe-inspiring contributions towards “Invent in India®”.

Leidenfrost Innovations
TRIZ level 2 certified.

Ganesh Suryanarayanan

It was a wonderful learning experience to be part of the TRIZ level 1 training workshop by Kishan. It was very helpful to have a structured, live problem-centric approach to innovation, a series of well-defined steps to approach this area. Kishan’s way of communicating complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way were very useful to quickly absorb them. With real-life practical examples and intense engagement where we kept applying the concepts as we learnt them, the structure of the course was appropriate to learn and apply the concepts. With a varied team of participants, there was excellent learning from the experiences of the various participants.

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PROINN® Advanced


    Frequently Asked

    + Who is the certifying authority for these workshops? TRIZ levels and DFP levels?

    , TRIZ level 1, 2 & 3: MATRIZ, The International TRIZ Association

    DFP Level 1, 2 & 3 catch-up: DFP-Institute

    + Once I get the certificate do I need to renew my certificate just like ‘value engineer’?

    No. these certifications from MATRIZ, DFP-Institute and Proinn® are valid for the lifetime.

    + Can I invent in software?

    Yes. There are hundreds of software professionals who have undergone TRIZ level 1 workshop and have come many win-win solutions with inventions that their business was looking for. Since software does a set of functions, we empower the engineers to come with new means of accomplishing the functions in software. Check out this link on TRIZ in software.

    + Why should I invest on this learning?

    In India, still majority of the professionals believe that their company has to be take care of their learning needs. To be successful as a leader in 21st century, one has to master two skills: inventive thinking (ability to solve conflicts with win-win solutions), leadership (driving change and influencing people without authority). This is not for those who don’t want to go the extra mile and comfortable to live in mediocrity. For those who want to grow their career much faster with predictability, it is very important that in the present world companies would like to hire people who are problem solvers with novelty.

    + Why now?

    India is the only country where the growth is bound to happen over the next 15 years. In any industry that we look at: Mobility, Semi-conductors, Software, etc., the most happening place for growth in India. In this context the opportunity to grow is very high NOW! Take the uncomfortable action and read through the testimonials of what people benefitted from these workshops and grow fast to take a high plateau of leadership. Proinn® has devised these programs to encourage the Indian professionals to take charge of their learning if they want to grow fast and reach high plateau of leadership, either entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.

    + Are there any success stories that people benefitted from these learnings?

    Yes, please visit this link: to see the corporate leadership testimonials and individual testimonials. Those who provided the individual testimonials has grown in their companies and few of them are recognized as PROLIFIC-INVENTORS by their companies.

    + Why should I learn from Proinn®?

    Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri is the only Indian who has an accreditation from MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) bearing an accreditation license number #063/02-2024/1. Along with his mentor Dr. Sergei Ikovenko he has been leading TRIZ deployment in India since 2015. To know more about him,

    Our Purpose is to grow India among top 10 on Global Innovation Index by grooming 1 million innovators with strong patents

    Proinn Consultancy®: Empowering technology development, innovation, and grooming inventors for 17 years. We inspire college students to become technology-driven entrepreneurs through structured innovation methods, contributing to a creative nation. In partnership with TRIZTI, we provide students with Structured Jugaad® Level 1 training, making a social impact. Join us in shaping a future driven by innovation.

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