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Mr. Ganesh Suryanarayanan



It was a wonderful learning experience to be part of the TRIZ level 1 training workshop by Kishan. It was very helpful to have a structured, live problem-centric approach to innovation, a series of well-defined steps to approach this area. Kishan’s way of communicating complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way were very useful to quickly absorb them. With real-life practical examples and intense engagement where we kept applying the concepts as we learnt them, the structure of the course was appropriate to learn and apply the concepts. With a varied team of participants, there was excellent learning from the experiences of the various participants.

Mr. Mihir Soundalgekar



My team & I have attended multiple levels of Product Innovation Workshops conducted by Shri. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm Proinn Consultancy®. We have experienced the structure that guides us on the path of product Development, where Technology Development is not a miracle but a systematic result. We have experiened ways to develop new inventions & make them applied on actual product development. My team developed new inventions that are in pipeline under his mentoring & coaching. I strongly believe that this learning “empowers everyone to invent”

Dr. Saravanan



I attended the workshops conducted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri and his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. Based on the learning from the workshops and TRIZ methodologies, I am able to develop multiple inventions and believe that the structured Innovation learning imparted by him “Empowers everyone to Invent”

Mr. S S Narayan



I SS Narayan attended the product innovation workshops conducted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri’s firm, Proinn Consultancy®. The structured innovation course content enhanced my problem definition, formulation & Solutioning skills and enabled emergence of inventive solutions. we filed a patent application there are 2 more in the pipeline. I strongly am convienced that structured innovation methodology imparted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri, definitely “Empowers everyone to Invent”

Mr. Ishant Jain



I attended the product innoation workshops conducted by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. I could develop multiple inventive solutions and filed multiple patent application(s). I believe that the structured innovation learning imparted by him, Empowers everyone to Invent.

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Mr. Debasish Mishra


Diligent and courteous are two words that come to mind to describe TitoKishan. I recently had the opportunity to work with TitoKishan for TRIZ level 1 training at my organization. The team was diverse coming from different businesses and we had a few technical problems to work on. TitoKishan was excellent in bringing up the group with TRIZ fundamentals while engaging them with real word problems. He defined the goal for the program very clearly, for himself as a training organizer and also for the team to accomplish something at the end of the 80 hours of classroom session, He was methodical, focused, and kept the hiring organization informed at all stages of the training program about progress. The team enjoyed their session, learned a few skills of TRIZ methodology, and delivered several concepts as potential solutions to the problems they were working on.

Titokishan is a thorough professional with years of experience helping with several companies’ innovation strategies. He has received multiple rewards and recognitions from various organizations for his skills and collaborations. Anyone thinking TRIZ should think of TitoKishan to collaborate.

Mr. Kanakavel Saminathan



I had a chance to attend the training session of Kishan on TRIZ. it was a fantastic learning experience through which I was able come out with outstanding design concepts using TRIZ framework. The design concepts were widely accepted and appreciated in my organization. Thanks a lot Kishan for such a wonderful sessions. I highly recommend training sessions with Kishan.

Mr. Jishnu Saurabh Iyengar


Kishan sir has played a phenomenal role in my innovation journey, under his guidance during my university days I was able to smoothly transition my way into working for a leading design and technology firm.

Furthermore, after completing my TRIZ certification, I have now ventured into entrepreneurship and founded a B2B HealthTech Startup, building innovative user centric healthcare technology products.

I would recommend the TRIZ course conducted by Kishan sir to any individual passionate about embarking their stint in product innovation and management.

The methodological approach and the practical examples provided by Kishan sir during the course are thought provoking and inspire students to bring a change in the society.

Mr. krishna Rao


I have had fortune of learning TRIZ under the guidance of Mr. Kishan and Dr. Sergei and getting certified for L1 and L2. Both, Mr. Kishan and Dr. Sergei, have tremendous years of experience in delivering excellent TRIZ training to people across various levels in different organizations across the globe. They have experience in solving complex industrial problems using TRIZ methodology across industries and this is a standing testimony that this innovation methodology is sector agnostic and hence people across industries and sector can implement and reap the benefits of TRIZ. Each of their sessions are thought provoking, makes you shed the inhibitions that you have about innovation, and also gives confidence that anyone can innovate by following the principles enshrined in TIRZ.

As a patent professional handling IP portfolio in a large organization, the knowledge of TRIZ helped me to look for alternative approaches to a given problem. The freedom to take a problem out of its domain and then use techniques of TRIZ to arrive at solutions gave me the opportunity to look at the problem-solution approach through a completely different perspective. This enabled me to shift to a proactive solution provider to my clients, and changed the way I look at the IP lifecycle of a company. I can now visualize and be part of product development lifecycle and provide guidance to my clients at different points using appropriate TRIZ methodologies with the added benefit of having a couple of patent applications in my name.

TRIZ changes the entire thought process of how you approach problem both in professional and personal life, and for me this is the biggest takeaway.

Wishing Mr. Kishan and team best wishes in everything.

Mr. Saravana Rajan S


Myself and few of my team members got trained under Mr. Tito for TRIZ level 1 training. After the level 1 training, I can confidently say that our thought process has completely changed to generate innovative and disruptive ideas during design optimization for meeting QCDS requirements. Mr. Tito s teaching and his delivery of TRIZ concepts are phenomenal and very easy to understand and adapt. As a individual, I have transformed my thought process which is yielding exceptional results professionally and gives a sense of immense satisfaction. Our team is now able to increase quality IP for our function over multifold compared to last several years. I would strongly recommend every design professionals to get TRIZ certified through Mr. Tito to transform your thought process to generate great ideas for better results…… Good luck 👍.

Mr. Ram Sitaraman



I had the good fortune of learning TRIZ under Tito and Dr Sergei and it was an amazing experience. It forever changed the way I looked at innovation and how to go about creating IP. Both the TRIZ courses and the Design For Patentability (DFP) course are invaluable to folks in product development, engineering and research. It allows you to break down the problem into its functional essence and then figure out alternative solutions which not only help you bypass existing IP but also end up creating your own new IP. The structured approach and readily available tools and process makes this activity easy and interesting. Tito and Dr Sergei are excellent teachers and take you through this journey with clear examples and case studies. i would happily recommend this course to folks who work in areas requiring constant innovation and IP.

Mr. Ashutosh Prachand



With Kishan and TRIZ I have been through the journey from a technology enthusiast to an innovator. I am thankful I got a teacher like Kishan to handhold in this entire journey. Learning TRIZ has just changed the outlook of looking at inventions, spotting the technical problems and solving the problems. Best teacher doesn’t just teach—they prepare us for the road ahead, this training has demonstrated that. I highly recommend learning TRIZ under Kishan’s abled guidance if you want to invent/innovate on demand. Thanks Kishan, I will see you around till level 5 and beyond.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan Ramakrishnan



A good teacher must have two essential qualities – knowledge and delivery of knowledge. I was fortunate to come under the tutelage of Tito Kishan for my TRIZ Level 1 course and enjoyed the course very much, in terms of the content, the way it was delivered and the way in which it sparked an interest in learning much more. For a beginner, TRIZ can be a fairly complex subject and it was made easy and interesting by Kishan’s experience and pedagogy. I wanted to add TRIZ to my competencies and Kishan helped me create a good base for all my future TRIZ learnings. Kishan is a very seasoned professional and an experienced tutor. His experience in problem solving and innovation is vast and he sprinkles his lectures with relevant examples. Thank you Kishan and looking forward to interacting with you in the future.

Mr. Prasanna Bhagwan



TitoKishan’s teaching and vision is simply amazing, a vision of creating 5000 real innovators, conducting TRIZ conference (Bharat TRIZutsav®) every year and conducting numerous workshops across the country relentlessly. I have done my TRIZ certification under him. I have waited for 7 years to get a good TRIZ trainer, after meeting so many people, I finally can say I had the best TRIZ teacher ever. He individually motivates each learner and makes the learning process effective and seamless. Looking for more awe-inspiring contributions towards “Invent in India®”.

Mr. Jeff Heslop



Not many technical experts are also accomplished in working with executives but Tito is one who has this dual skill. I have worked with Tito at GE Aviation where he helped us provide excellent support in Six Sigma training and implementation for one of our key customers.


He trained and coached over 100 Green and Black Belts, guided the executives in its implementation and identification of critical Six Sigma projects, and helped produced large quantifiable savings. His expertise in inventive problem solving (TRIZ) enables him to help solve some of the toughest business and design problems.

He is a pleasure to work with and has just the right kind of humility to increase his learning even as he coaches others. I do not hesitate to recommend him to any company seeking to improve their business performance.

Mr. Hasri Hasan


Tito​ Kishan was instrumental in setting up and implementing the Cost Out and Avoidance (COA) program in AirAsia. The COA program was a strategic program developed with GE Aviation to implement cost savings initiatives in AirAsia using proven methodologies such as lean six sigma. During the early phase of the COA program, ​Kishan has helped to design and implement the right governance, robust structure and other building blocks to ensure a sustainable program in AirAsia.

As GE Aviation ​Quality Program Manager in AirAsia, ​Kishan has delivered numerous trainings in lean six sigma​ like Green belt, Black belt​ and ​Champions course, mentored green belts and black belts, ​and facilitated the implementation of various improvement projects in AirAsia​.​

With his strong knowledge and experience in various methodologies and tools, ​Kishan was able to coach and mentor AirAsia’s Green Belts and Black Belts to effectively implement their projects. This was also helped by his innovative thinking and rigorous project management practices put in place to ensure the projects achieve the desired results.

With ​Kishan’s guidance and assistance, AirAsia has managed to implement the COA program successfully and achieve significant results. More importantly, the knowledge and experience gained from this program was valuable for AirAsia to continue to be efficient and innovative to be ahead of its competitors.

– Hasri Hasan, former Head of Performance Improvement, AirAsia (2010 – 2014)

Mr. Jairaj (Jay) Ramachandran


I had the privilege of working with Kishan during my tenure as the Chief Consulting Engineer for GE Energy, at the Bangalore Engineering Center.

Kishan was then the IP leader for GE Energy’s India Engineering Operation.


Kishan learnt the nuances of intellectual property through GE internal IP Analyst certification. He devised novel ways of promoting quality IP through creative thinking and IP awareness sessions, enhancing the quality of disclosures. He conducted innovation workouts for 750+ engineers, and increased the level of inventions through TRIZ techniques.

Kishan worked closely with technology leaders and business IP attorneys, to develop a cogent IP strategy for the India Engineering Operation. He built a culture of Innovation through IP differentiation and in the process groomed 1 Gold patent holder (25 patent holders) and ~20 Silver patent holders (10 patent holders).

Kishan facilitated the GE Energy India Engineering Operation, to file 850+ US patents in a span of approximately 6 years – a monumental task. .

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