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Immerse yourself with 6 days of experiential learning and 3 days of hands on application!

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PROINN® Beginner

Unlock your potential as a professional innovator with PROINN® Beginner. This transformative program, developed by Proinn® in collaboration with India’s leading TRIZ Coach and Innovation Strategist, provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to kickstart your journey in the world of innovation. Through a combination of immersive 6-day experiential learning of (4 days of TRIZ level 1, 2 days of DFP level 1 catch-up workshops) and 3-day hands-on application, you’ll gain a solid foundation in inventive problem-solving methodologies, sharpen your creative thinking abilities, and develop differentiated solutions. Join PROINN® Beginner today and embark on a path towards becoming a confident and competent professional innovator.

Are you investing on YOU to grow your career growth as a successful professional?

(Empower Your Professional Journey with PROINN®: The Strategic Innovators / IP Leadership Program”

Experience the power of inventive thinking and unlock your potential to develop differentiated solutions in various aspects of life with PROINN®’s Strategic Innovators / IP Leadership Program (SILP). In collaboration with TRIZTI and DFP-Institute, renowned partners in international certifications, this program is designed to address the needs of professionals seeking to accelerate their career growth. Through immersive experiential learning workshops and The-AIPTM, The Accelerated Innovator Program) led by world-class coaches and Innovation strategists, PROINN® grooms you as a professional innovator. Embrace discomfort, conquer challenges, and transform your professional dreams into reality. Join us for the in-person ’23 edition and make innovation as a pleasurable sport to play and win.

Saravana Rajan S

Myself and few of my team members got trained under Mr. Tito for TRIZ level 1 training. After the level 1 training, I can confidently say that our thought process has completely changed to generate innovative and disruptive ideas during design optimization for meeting QCDS requirements. Mr. Tito’s teaching and his delivery of TRIZ concepts are phenomenal and very easy to understand and adapt. As a individual, I have transformed my thought process which is yielding exceptional results professionally and gives a sense of immense satisfaction. Our team is now able to increase quality IP for our function over multifold compared to last several years. I would strongly recommend every design professionals to get TRIZ certified through Mr. Tito to transform your thought process to generate great ideas for better results…… Good luck 👍

Deputy manager at TVS Motor company limited

Gopalakrishnan Ramakrishnan

A good teacher must have two essential qualities – knowledge and delivery of knowledge. I was fortunate to come under the tutelage of Tito Kishan for my TRIZ Level 1 course and enjoyed the course very much, in terms of the content, the way it was delivered and the way in which it sparked an interest in learning much more. For a beginner, TRIZ can be a fairly complex subject and it was made easy and interesting by Kishan’s experience and pedagogy. I wanted to add TRIZ to my competencies and Kishan helped me create a good base for all my future TRIZ learnings. Kishan is a very seasoned professional and an experienced tutor. His experience in problem solving and innovation is vast and he sprinkles his lectures with relevant examples. Thank you Kishan and looking forward to interacting with you in the future.

Regional IP Manager (India), Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.

Debasish Mishra

Diligent and courteous are two words that come to mind to describe TitoKishan. I recently had the opportunity to work with TitoKishan for TRIZ level 1 training at my organization. The team was diverse coming from different businesses and we had a few technical problems to work on. TitoKishan was excellent in bringing up the group with TRIZ fundamentals while engaging them with real word problems. He defined the goal for the program very clearly, for himself as a training organizer and also for the team to accomplish something at the end of the 40 hours of classroom session, He was methodical, focused, and kept the hiring organization informed at all stages of the training program about progress. The team enjoyed their session, learned a few skills of TRIZ methodology, and delivered several concepts as potential solutions to the problems they were working on.
Titokishan is a thorough professional with years of experience helping with several companies’ innovation strategies. He has received multiple rewards and recognitions from various organizations for his skills and collaborations. Anyone thinking TRIZ should think of TitoKishan to collaborate.

Technology Leader – Non-destructive Evaluation at GE Global Research

Groom to be a Professional Innovator, PROINN® Beginner



PROINN® Beginner Bronze


  • 4 day in person workshop to learn methods to invent and to breakthrough your psychological inertial through TRIZ level 1 workshop
  • Your training material
  • TRIZ Assignments
  • State-of-the-Art TRIZ, Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving BOOK
  • One pre-event fast track session that you can maximise from the TRIZ level 1 learning.
  • 2 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*

PROINN® Beginner Silver


DFP LEVEL 1 catch-up
  • 2 days in person workshop to learn everything on how to strengthen and circumvent product patents with DFP level 1 catch-up.
  • Your training materials for DFP level 1 catch-up
  • DFP Assignments
  • Design for Patentability Fundamentals BOOK
  • 2 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*

PROINN® Beginner Gold


  • 3 days (24 hours) of group mentoring on all the concepts of TRIZ level 1 and DFP L1 spread over 6 weeks (4 hours during weekend) on a specific problem. we call this as The-AIPTM, The-Accelerated Innovators Program.
  • One additional pre-event fast track session to maximize from The-AIPTM
  • You become an innovation practitioner!
  • 1 Indian College Engineering students will be taught free on Structured Jugaad® level 1 on your behalf*


Kanakavel Saminathan

I had a chance to attend the training session of Kishan on TRIZ. it was a fantastic learning experience through which I was able come out with outstanding design concepts using TRIZ framework. The design concepts were widely accepted and appreciated in my organization. Thanks a lot Kishan for such a wonderful sessions. I highly recommend training sessions with Kishan.

Materials Engg. Competency Group Leader / Global Mechanics Competency Leader at Saint Gobain Research India Pvt. Ltd.

TRIZ level 1 Certified

Sumith Joseph

I am an engine design engineer working with TVS Motor company Ltd., Harita, Hosur, Tamilnadu in different roles with more than 10 years of experience. I am post graduate, M.Tech in Mechnical Engineering with Thermal engineering specialization from Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

I have attended the learning program, product innovation workshop that Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri organized through his firm, Proinn Consultancy®.

The Structured innovation concepts (TRIZ, Level 1) taught in the program is very useful for the engineering problem solving in the automotive industry. The methods mentioned in the program are very useful and therefore they empowers everyone to invent®.

I thank Mr. Tito for sharing the learnings and wish him the best for his activties to bring more innovations from every engineer

Asst. General Manager, Research & Development at TVS Motor Company

TRIZ level 1 Certified

Ashutosh Prachand

With Kishan and TRIZ I have been through the journey from a technology enthusiast to an innovator. I am thankful I got a teacher like Kishan to handhold in this entire journey. Learning TRIZ has just changed the outlook of looking at inventions, spotting the technical problems and solving the problems. Best teacher doesn’t just teach—they prepare us for the road ahead, this training has demonstrated that. I highly recommend learning TRIZ under Kishan’s abled guidance if you want to invent/innovate on demand. Thanks Kishan, I will see you around till level 5 and beyond.

Director, LeidenFrost Innovations

TRIZ level 2 Certified

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PROINN® Beginner


    Frequently Asked

    + Who is the certifying authority for these workshops? TRIZ level 1 and DFP level 1 catch-up?

    TRIZ level 1: MATRIZ, The International TRIZ Association

    DFP Level 1 catch-up: DFP-Institute

    + Once I get the certificate do I need to renew my certificate just like ‘value engineer’?

    No. these certifications from MATRIZ, DFP-Institute and Proinn® are valid for the lifetime.

    + Can I invent in software?

    Yes. There are hundreds of software professionals who have undergone TRIZ level 1 workshop and have come many win-win solutions with inventions that their business was looking for. Since software does a set of functions, we empower the engineers to come with new means of accomplishing the functions in software. Check out this link on TRIZ in software.

    + Why should I invest on this learning?

    In India, still majority of the professionals believe that their company has to be take care of their learning needs. To be successful as a leader in 21st century, one has to master two skills: inventive thinking (ability to solve conflicts with win-win solutions), leadership (driving change and influencing people without authority). This is not for those who don’t want to go the extra mile and comfortable to live in mediocrity. For those who want to grow their career much faster with predictability, it is very important that in the present world companies would like to hire people who are problem solvers with novelty.

    + Why now?

    India is the only country where the growth is bound to happen over the next 15 years. In any industry that we look at: Mobility, Semi-conductors, Software, etc., the most happening place for growth in India. In this context the opportunity to grow is very high NOW! Take the uncomfortable action and read through the testimonials of what people benefitted from these workshops and grow fast to take a high plateau of leadership. Proinn® has devised these programs to encourage the Indian professionals to take charge of their learning if they want to grow fast and reach high plateau of leadership, either entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.

    + Are there any success stories that people benefitted from these learnings?

    Yes, please visit this link: to see the corporate leadership testimonials and individual testimonials. Those who provided the individual testimonials has grown in their companies and few of them are recognized as PROLIFIC-INVENTORS by their companies.

    + Why should I learn from Proinn®?

    Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri is the only Indian who has an accreditation from MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) bearing an accreditation license number #063/02-2024/1. Along with his mentor Dr. Sergei Ikovenko he has been leading TRIZ deployment in India since 2015. To know more about him,

    Our Purpose is to grow India among top 10 on Global Innovation Index by grooming 1 million innovators with strong patents

     Proinn® empowers everyone to invent® with technology development, innovation, and grooming inventors over the last 9 years. Founded by Sri TitoKishan Vemuri who has 2 decades of TRIZ deployment leadership across large Indian MNC’s and MNC’s in India. A good number of his professional students have filed over 25+ patents and few of them are recognized as prolific inventors by their companies.

    Proinn® partners with TRIZTI®, India’s regional MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) Association and defined a vision to groom over 1 million inventors in India by proactively working with engineering college students and inspire them to take invention driven entrepreneurship using the structured innovation methods of TRIZ, DFP® and Accelerating Change. This is our give to Indian society and an endeavour to grow India among the top 10 on Global Innovation Index. Our flagship program is “Graduate as an InventorTM“ and we will impart multiple certification courses through TRIZTI® (a non-profit educational trust) with OOBT, Out of Box Thinking workshop, Structured Jugaad® Level 1, Structured Jugaad® level 2 and so on.

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