About Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri

Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri has 2 decades (’95-’14) of corporate leadership experience in core engineering and technology, leading Technical Innovation, Operational Excellence, Change leadership and Strong IP generation.

He held senior leadership roles at GE Energy, GE Aviation and at Tata Consulting Engineers before starting his firm Proinn Consultancy® branded as PROINN® in 2015.

Being a proponent of Atma nirbhar Bharat even before the pandemic with a registered trademark “Invent in India®”, he is quite passionate to groom a million inventors in India, facilitate differentiated solutions with a focus to make them export ready, make in India and contribute to the growth of Indian economy.

He has one granted US patent while at GE and 10 registered trademarks by Govt. of India.


  •  One of 20+ accredited CEM representatives, worldwide of MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association)
  • Founder Chairman of TRIZTI®, a non-profit organization and a regional MATRIZ Association in India.
  • Led India’s transformative change on Technical Innovation, drive across a world leader in Power Generation at their India Engineering operation centers and enabled to come with powerful solutions through his IP awareness, Innovation and TRIZ workshops which translated to multiple hundreds of inventions, US Patents in 7 years. In this process, he mentored hundreds of inventors.
  • As an operational excellence coach, worked with an international low-cost Airline in ASEAN and delivered Millions of USD (year-on-Year) savings in airline operations.
  • Only Indian to give TRIZ keynote talks across Asia (Azerbaijan, China & Malaysia).
  • He has been appointed as Vice President, MATRIZ, TRIZ deployment of MATRIZ in India by the President of MATRIZ ‘Nov. 22
  • Consults with clients to develop new Intellectual property and make them practically applied. A consulting assignment was presented as a case study presented in Bharat TRIZutsav®  2019 in which the client participated and  well appreciated.
  • Coached a second generation entrepreneur and guided his team with Inventive thinking learning, developed innovation and IP strategy towards a new appliance that would be out in the Indian market soon. A testimonial of Invent in India® 
    •  Since 2015, he conducted & organized 100+ MATRIZ certification workshops (levels 1, 2, 3) and supported DFP® workshops that translated into tangible results with significant product cost reduction (Millions of USD savings to clients), multiple concept developments that were later filed as disclosures / patents.
    • Through TRIZTI®, organized 7 editions of India’s annual TRIZ conference, Bharat TRIZutsav® from 2016 to 2022 with sponsorships from Tata Sons Limited, General Electric, TVS Motors, MATRIZ and Proinn®.
    • He has taught across 9 countries: Chile, UAE, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.
    • Through TRIZTI® working with academia to deploy TRIZ as a curriculum in universities. Working with schools to build creative imagination development among kids. He is working on a mission to groom 1 Million innovators in India.
    • He specializes in building Innovation culture in large organizations. He uses his signature workshop Iccha Jnana Kriya Sakthi® , a framework developed over 15 years of driving innovation across large corporations and works with Senior leadership of organizations to change mindsets.



  • Member MATRIZ CEM with license #063/02-2024/1
  • Member, CII National committee for R&D, Innovation and Technology, since ’18 
  • Management Committee member, SAE Bengaluru Section, since ’18 
  • Assessor, CII Industrial Innovation Awards, ‘19, ’20, ’21
  • Mentor, Atal Tinkering Labs, since 2019


  • TRIZ level 3 Practitioner, MATRIZ certified, 2011
  • Master Black Belt, GE USA, 2012
  • DFSS Black Belt, GE USA, 2006
  • IP Analyst, GE USA & Fletcher Yoder, USA, 2009